Garuda Indonesia Launches New Uniform

Posted: 11 Juni 2010 in Promo
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Wednesday, 02 June 2010 18:12:18

As part of its business transformation program and corporate identity brand refresh program, on Thursday, 27 May 2010, Garuda Indonesa presented its new employee uniform. The uniform’s official launching took place in the Bali Room of Hotel Kempinski, Jakarta.

During the evening, male and female cabin crew uniforms were shown. For the female crew, the uniform takes the form of a modified kebaya that was inspired by the batik motif Parang Gondosuli. The motif symbolizes the ‘Fragrant Ray of Life’ (Sinar Kehidupan yang Harum) and endows the wearer with elegance. The uniform consists of three colors, namely aqua green which implies sophistication, the tropics and freshness; orange to suggest warmth, friendliness and energy; and blue which symbolizes dependability, trustworthiness, immortality and tranquility.

The uniform is made of inflammable, crease-resistant and comfortable cloth. Besides creating a professional look, the uniform’s design also allows the wearer to move freely, a vital necessity during evacuations and emergencies.

The uniform for male crew members classically displays the standard professional attire for men. The uniform consists of a single-breasted, grey suit which is combined with a powder blue shirt made of crease-resistant, cotton-polyester material. The nature’s wing motif on the aircraft tail is repeated as graphic detail on the silk tie.

Garuda Indonesia President & CEO Emirsyah Satar explained that the new uniform’s launching is part of the airline’s corporate identity brand refresh program introduced last year. “We hope our new batik uniform will further promote our rich cultural heritage and ultimately enhance Indonesia’s image to world”, added Emir.

In addition to the cabin crew uniform, the batik design will also be worn by employees in various areas of activity, such as ticketing office, ground handling and other units.

The new batik uniform displays a new concept in design. The cut, style, textile motif and colors correspond to the airline’s service concept, the Garuda Indonesia Experience, which combines the best of our culture; warm Indonesian hospitality, friendliness and unique character.

The choice of colors was also inspired by the rich textile tradition of Indonesia and adapted to Garuda Indonesia’s corporate color scheme. The new hues also appear in the aircraft cabin where the colors terracotta, orange and brick red dominate the interior. This is a contrasting change to the previous color scheme of dark blue and navy blue of the crew’s uniform.

The corporate identity brand refresh program is part of the Company’s brand identity campaign launched in July 2009 and part and parcel of Garuda Indonesia’s ongoing business transformation program. The campaign touched every aspect of the organization, such as logo, aircraft interior and exterior and in the implementation of other brand images.

The new uniform made its debut on Garuda Indonesia’s reinstatement flight to Amsterdam on June 1, 2010.

Jakarta, May 27, 2010





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